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Thank you to all who have chosen to support my ongoing work by becoming a patron! –Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas

My once-locked vault with exciting masculine male characters depicted in my original 3D digital art images is now wide open exclusively to all of you who have chosen to become patrons. I really appreciate your ongoing support!

At this website you will see comments from me to accompany the images to help enhance your enjoyment. This site was updated on December 21, 2017.

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Browse though this website’s huge collection of images. Just choose a letter of the alphabet that is paired with keywords:

A” is for angels

“A” is for armed

“B” is for balls

“C” is for cameos

“C” is for cock

“D” is for dead

“E” is for end of life

“E” is for execution

“F” is for face

“F” is for fighting

“F” is for fucking

“G” is for group

“M” is for macho

“N” is for noose

“O” is for oh face

“P” is for peril

“R” is for restrained

“S” is for sharp objects

“S” is for shooting

“T” is for touching

Unfinished Works in Progress

“W” is for warrior qualities


Every element in my illustrations—from male nudity, to lighting and shadows, and composition—must work together to offer you storytelling of high emotional impact. Telling stories in my illustrations that have some emotional impact upon you is the whole point of creating male characters as I do.

What I do is create concept pop art—visual pop culture artifacts that convey ideas. It is entirely make-believe. It is not real. I do not want anybody to mistake my photo-realistic works as representing real, living people. This is entirely made-up stuff. It is fiction.

I am not advocating that anyone should view young men in our physical world merely as sex objects. I am not a proponent of powerful men in our physical world taking advantage of and hurting vulnerable young men. All that I create is pure storytelling for enjoyment within your mind.

–Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas